Magic with Light


Aurora Light Graffiti

Interactive video installations

We can setup a stand alone interactive installation at your event. Moving lights and seeing them form an image in real time is an entrancing experience for the young and old alike.

Aurora Light Graffiti developed from a collaboration of Julian Cash, Ron Halbert and the Aurora Light Painters who recently became Quarter Finalists on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”.

The technique is an extension of traditional photographic light painting but instead of a still camera, it uses video to create a totally unique live interaction where everyone can see the image as it’s being created.  Inexpensive light toys are used as "paint brushes" and the open space around them is the "canvas".  The artist merely moves the light and its image stays behind, seemingly frozen in mid-air when viewed on a monitor, screen or the side of a building at night like virtual graffiti.  The painters can also simultaneously see themselves in the video but, like phantoms, their image isn’t frozen.

See some of the photographs people took of themselves and with their friends:

This technology is a powerful tool for experienced artists like Aurora Light Painters but also a fun interaction for casual viewers.  It allows adults and children freedom to play with technology - to create colorful images on a small or large scale. They can “screen capture” the picture if they like it or erase it and start over.  They don’t need skill to paint accurate portraits and it’s a socially acceptable way to draw graffiti on a wall.

Commercial Uses

The system works well for creating art or a specific message with additional pre-produced images and video.  The live interaction and friendly user interface makes this the perfect addition to group function and has potential for a wide range of uses:

We are constantly developing new methods and uses so we hope that viewers will share their suggestions and impressions with us.

The inventors:

Ron Halbert blends his diverse education (Electrical Engineering, Television & Film and an MA in Communications) with his love of creating video art and environmental projections.   Throughout his 25 year career as an AV Technical Director and Producer for a wide range of corporate, theatrical and non-profit clients, he’s honed his expertise while adding new innovations as technology advances.  Aurora Light Painters offers the exciting challenge of pioneering a new art form with so much potential to reapply and invent.

There is a temporal nature to Ron’s designs since most of his work is done for live events.  He has performed his creative work at various events and venues including Multi-Image Showcase, Monterey Jazz Festival, Grateful Dead, Black & White Ball, ArtPadSF, ATT Ballpark as well as numerable Burning Man & Black Rock Arts Foundation related events.

Julian Cash has been a Light Painter for 20 years. "Light Painting" has taken the photography world by storm - it's a retro process of using glowing tools to make lighting effects in real time. It is NOT a pure digital process and is NOT done with Photoshop or graphics programs. While a modern camera is used, it is a REAL experience of light, and the amazing colors you see in these pictures were physically there.

Julian's unique marriage of Portrait Photography and Light painting techniques is a rare talent, requiring much skill and practice on the part of the Photographer. But relax and enjoy - Creating glowing light images with Julian is a fascinating journey!


Ron Halbert